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6 March
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[harry + snape]


Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived an ancient crone, who could sometimes be a crotchety, mean old thing. Said old crone resided near the Kingdom of the Magical Mouse, where she happily shared her life (but not her chocolate) with her handsome prince and her two young princelings.

One Yuletide, her father, a powerful and all-knowing man, gifted her with a boxed set of five wonderful books, filled with stories of a special boy named Harry Potter and his enchanted world. Said old crone happily read through the night, finishing the books in thirty-six hours.

When she reached the very last page of the very last book written, she blinked her eyes. "What," she cried, "How can this be--I want more." Her handsome prince, not knowing what he was letting himself in for, suggested she use the magical box that sat on their desk to perform a bit of magic called googling. Cackling with glee, the old crone discovered fanfiction, and proceeded to spend hour after hour (after hour after hour...) devouring all the wonderful stories she could find.

One day, said handsome prince, tired of hearing her complaints that she "had nothing more to read" and once again not realizing just what he was suggesting, proposed that his beloved crone write her own.

Thus an obssession was born and continues to this day...


Friending policy:

I don't really have a firm policy, other than requesting that you be legally of age before you read my stories. They are adult in nature, and deal with sexual situations and relationships between two men, otherwise known as SLASH.

I'm also not a snob, I tend to friend back anyone who friends me.